Mimic and Dress like your favorite character and the best shall win wonderful goodies.
Note: Makeup & Costumes are solely responsible and you should enter with your cosplay attire and it is ticket free.


Sculpt your imagination and win exciting prizes for the best sculpture.
Note: Materials will be provided by us.

Competitions @ Venue

Group Dance

Get your guys together show the world what a group of best dancers can do.
Note: Team Size: Max 12, Song Duration: Max 6 Minutes, Only one Group is allowed from each branch. Makeup & Costumes are sole responsible

Digital Painting

Create excellence through Colors and Brushes digitally; show the world your artistic side.
Note: Materials will be provided by us

Live Sketching

Be quick and sketch live
Note: Please bring the art materials

Key Attractions

Eminent Speakers from National & International Studios

About Asifa India

ASIFA India received its official charter on November 25, 2000, and it aspires to the same ideals and goals as the international organization. In this spirit, throughout the year, ASIFA India is involved in a lot of activities like



Case studies
Film screenings
The popular monthly CG Meetup series
Community activities
And educational events that are intended to help the Indian artist.

Animation Film Festival like International Animation Day which is celebrated annually,

By staying true to the spirit and upholding one of its mottos of blending art and technology, making available invaluable knowledge and information, ASIFA India throughout the year, arranges several free workshops, namely the CG-Meetup. Regularly conducted since January 2006, one of the main aspects of these Meetups is creating a free, open to all platform for interaction and networking which has seen the active participation and support of the industry.

The other event that has been pivotal in getting together the community across the country has been the Animation Film Festival International Animation Day (IAD), which is an annual global celebration to recognize the art of animation, celebrated every year on the 28th of October.


This day celebrates the rich history and growth of animation.
Its an International event with participants from all over the world.
This is a great opportunity to bring life to your creations.
Celebrated in over 40 countries across all continents.
The programs planned for the day include full length works and all varieties of animation art.
This day is a celebration of cross border exchange of ideas and culture
Award of Excellence: It can be defined by the quality, action, features of the output that is produced. Where you excel and become different in the crew.

Themes: A theme leads to the development of a concept. It sustains through the exhibition. A theme is an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art.