Animation Challenge by Green Gold

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Welcome to the 3D ANIMATION Challenge

These challenges are here to help push the artist skills and open their minds to other techniques and ideas in regards to the animation.


Sone Ka Phool


-Max 4 to 5 persons


-Software: Maya 2013

Folder Structure Instructions:

1  – Please copy entire folder of “ASIFA TEST_ANIMATION” in Local folder either in “C” Drive or ” D” Drive.

2  – All the inputs Animatics/Story Script and Audio files are available in following path : \ASIFA TEST_ANIMATION\01_pre\00_inputs

3  – All the Final Rigs are available in following path : \ASIFA TEST_ANIMATION\01_pre\04_rig

4  – Before to start the animation please go to folder named “Layout files” and open each file and you can import the audio file from this Path \ASIFA TEST_ANIMATION\01_pre\00_inputs\audio


– FPS should be 25 frames per second

-SCENE SCALE should be in Centimetres (Grid)

-Play blast resolution: 720P

-Scene file Naming convention :< SKP>_<SHOT>_<DEPT>_<VERSION>.ma


-Open the layout scene file and set the camera angles according to the Animatics provided.

-You have to do the camera animation also according to the Animatics.


-Semi Realistic


-From blocking to final Animation along with Facials.


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