The global animation industry has undergone consolidation in recent years and it appears to have potential for further growth. The Indian animation education system’s focus had been a bit different to that of the global education system as the demand in the past few years in India had been to provide job oriented training. As India has this opportunity now to move up the value chain with creating content for the various new mediums that have developed over the past few years apart from the existing ones, it has  become  more important for the students and community to focus itself on the fundamentals of the artform.

ASIFA India, strives to develop the platform it has created over the last decade to expose the various artforms and technological advancements by sharing knowledge among the artist community.  Some of the activities we focused on over the years were events like International Animation day, Cg meetups etc. These  activities had been restricted to a few cities due to organisational bandwidth and other logistics in conducting the celebrations. At this juncture, Asifa India intends to create an opportunity to each & every organization to participate actively and celebrate the International Animation Day on October 28th every year.