Rig Challenge by Discreet Arts

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Welcome to the Rigging Challenge. 

These challenges are here to help push the artists skills and open their minds to other techniques and ideas in regards to rigging. 

Rules are pretty simple 


Note:-  You have been supplied a cartoony character (Bear) from Discreet Arts .

a). Complete rig with proper skinning

  1. b) Facial rigging with wide range of emotions like (Anger, surprise, confuse, sad, smile, happy etc.)

1 : Core Software : Maya

2 : Plugins and scripts :
Plugins and scripts are ok to use. There will be a few challenges where their use is limited (ie : muscles), but for most you are free to use them. 

3 : Autoriggers :
While Autoriggers are either a script or a plugin, they are not allowed in the challenges.

 4 : Work in progress :
We need daily progress screenshots of all 10 days during the test. Provide screenshots of your final version. This will show your workflow. What you need to show is basic use of the rig working and key features you are putting into it, as well as showing some progression on it.

5 : Final rig :
Please post a final scene file for you rig once its done. Feel free to zip/rar/stuffit up to save space. 

6 : End of Challenge :
This challenge will run for 10 days from the start. Start time 5th of February 2018. Each challenge thread will post the exact time and date that it ends.

 7 : Judging : 
Winners will be announced on  IAD Event Day. Best Overall, the rig that best represents the challenge

8 : Style :
Style is normally going to be up to the artist. There will occassionally be style guidelines in the challenge( ie build a cartoony character that does this), but normally, unless stated, the rigging style is up to the artist to interpret it themselves. 

That is it for the rules, and changes will be posted here as well.

The idea of the challenge is NOT to use auto rigging scripts, but to maybe take the concept of how you have been rigging a cartoony character, and take it further.

Also, a lot of times, we will not be skinning it back to a piece of geo for the challenges, so use simple shapes, parented to the joints you would bind to to show the motion(ie, if you are doing twists and such)


This character (bear) is solely property of Discreet Arts, the access is granted strictly for this contest. Not to use in personal/commercial.


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For further queries please e-mail to contactus@asifaindia.com.


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