VFX Alien Challenge by Prime Focus

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Use the given footage to creatively tell a story about alien invasion/visit to the city. It could be either destructive or constructive, you can try any way. Yet make sure your point is delivered. You are free to use any stock model library materials with proper credits  for this challenge –
Use the provided footage only.

Judging Criteria

Your story is delivered or not

Proportions, perspective, Seamless integration of CG elements

Team Size:

2 – 5 Members


  1. Provide script/idea
  1. End of the video must have breakdowns Final output – animation 1920X1080 @ 24fps, Working videos should be submitted using the h.264 codec.
  2. Deliverables are to be in the format of QuickTime video in the naming convention of: Teamname.mov

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For further queries please e-mail to contactus@asifaindia.com.


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