Asset Creation Contest

Hello and welcome to Car Modelling test. We would like to test your game art asset creation skills with this test.

Specs:  You need to model the Aston Martin Vulcan 2015 car as per the given references provided below. Model only the exterior part of car including tire.

Use Maya or 3ds Max

Unit setup- Centimetres

No poly limit. Model should be Hi-res and can be as smooth as you deem necessary to create high- quality normal maps.














Aston Martin Vulcan reference images













We would like you to match the according to the given reference image as shown in the below example










Benchmark reference











Final model fbx file.

Sources file Maya or Max.

We need daily progress screenshot of all 15 days during the test. Also submit the reference matched screenshots of flat-shaded and wire frame mode.


You are allowed maximum of 15 days.

Have fun!

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