Concept art for the 3D Sculpt Challenge by Little Red Zombies

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Concept art for the 3D Sculpt Challenge from Little Red Zombies, you are required to create a highpoly sculpt of the character concept (You can pick any one of the two)

The following aspects will be noted when you submit your finished ZBrush renders :

– Ability to capture the character and essence of the character accurately. Which will involve the following points below :
– Your understanding of proportions, silhouette, forms and Gesture
– Your understanding of anatomy
– Your understanding of clothing

Additional Notes :

– This is a highpoly-only contest, polypaint/textures are not necessary
– We are not expecting you to be detail-oriented with the sculpt, but we expect to see all the accessories that are present in the concept
– The concept has to be reproduced in the same style that was intended by the concept artist, but feel free to collect additional reference to understand it better.
– You can pose the model when doing the test, its recommended to capture the gesture of the character as seen in the concept

***The results are not to be shared anywhere online***

Best of luck for the challenge!

For further queries please e-mail to


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