ASIFA India is Celebrating International Animation Day 2021 with three days of power-packed
programs running over the 26th, 27th, and 28th October. Legends of animation, games and VFX
will give master classes on topics ranging from traditional art techniques to cutting edge
technology, and there will be a case study of the Oscar winning film, Tenet. The events are free
and all are welcome to join the online sessions and get inspired! Registration is open on the
links below.

ASIFA India is spearheaded by “Vani” Saraswathi Balgam and led with heart by an amazing
team of Sanjay Khimesara, Sesha Prasad, Ramakrishnan Vinod, Siva Kasetti , Ramakrishna
Polina and Priyanka Ajit. ASIFA India is celebrating 22 years.

On 26th October unreal fellow and tech evangelist at Epic Games Arvind Neelakantan will open
up the world of real time pipelines for animation using Unreal Engine. Arvind has been in the
games and animation industry for 13 years with industry leading studios such as The Walt
Disney Company, Nickelodeon and Unity. Arvind excels in making the technically complex
accessible to artists. We can look forward to a fun session.

On 27th October Jigesh Gajjar, Head of VFX at DNEG India, will present a case study of the
2021 Oscar winning film for outstanding VFX, Tenet. Jigesh will go behind the scenes with a 40
minute in depth discussion about how DNEG pulled off the incredibly complex effects for
Christopher Nolan’s ambitious film. In his career spanning 18 years Jigesh has worked on
Oscar-winning films such as Life of Pi, Blade Runner 2049, and First Man.

ASIFA India’s flagship event on 28th October, International Animation Daywill honor the
foundations of art with a special program, for the first time in India, by legendary artist Glenn
Vilppu. In the 90 minute session there will be the rare opportunity to witness Vilppu at work with
a live demo. Glenn Vilppu is a master of drawing for classical animation and has trained artists
at studios such as Disney and Marvel for over 50 years. Glenn’s numerous books and videos
are used by universities and art schools around the world. The event will be followed by a raffle
where a few lucky fans can win a book signed by Vilppu.

ASIFA International is the oldest organisation globally that supports animation and a
commitment to the welfare of art, creativity and the artist.

The past year and a half has been challenging and events like this keeps us all connected and
supports the growth of artists and advancements in art and technology in India. Our sponsors –
Unreal Engine, Creative Multimedia, DNEG, IACG, Dancing Atoms and Arena Animation – are
all committed to this positive momentum.

Additional support is provided by Huion, Citrus Studios, Sxills, Arena Geeta Bhawan (HID) and
Destiny Logic. Media Partners for the event are Animation Express, AWN, Women in Animation,
Animation Magazine, MESC, Annecy, View, TASI, and vfxexpress. Event partners are THU,
Annecy, CTN, and Siggraph Asia.

Realtime pipelines for animation: https://bit.ly/ASIFAUNREAL
Case study – Tenet: https://bit.ly/ASIFADNEG
Honoring the Master: https://bit.ly/ASIFAGlenn

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