Epic Games & Asifa India invites Women Creators including all the Animators,Film Makers, Vfx Artists for its Live & Exclusive Unreal Engine- ‘Women Creators Program’.

Do join us for expert session organized by Epic Games & Asifa India with Speakers Marta Ampudia, Jackie Cooper, Charuvi Agrawal & Vani Balgam

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IAD Celebrations 2020

Asifa India is celebrating two decades of receiving its official Charter in India . Asifa is also celebrating its 60th year this year of its foundation in France.

 We are proud to present yet another year of the International Animation Day celebrations in the months of October 2020 and hereby announce the annual ASIFA India Awards of Excellence as a part of International Animation Day celebration in October 2020.

Competition is open for Animated and VFX films from around the world as well as India.


About AsifaIndia

ASIFA India received its official charter on November 25, 2000, and it aspires to the same ideals and goals as the international organization. In this spirit, throughout the year, ASIFA India is involved in a lot of activities.

Animation Film Festival like International Animation Day which is celebrated annually, by staying true to the spirit and upholding one of its mottos of blending art and technology, making available invaluable knowledge and information, ASIFA India throughout the year, arranges several free workshops, namely the CG-Meetup. Regularly conducted since January 2006, one of the main aspects of these Meetups is creating a free, open to all platform for interaction and networking which has seen the active participation and support of the industry.

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