Asset Creation Contest by Game Shastra

Asset Creation Contest by Game Shastra

Asset Creation Contest

Hello and welcome to Car Modelling test. We would like to test your game art asset creation skills with this test.

Specs:  You need to model the Aston Martin Vulcan 2015 car as per the given references provided below. Model only the exterior part of car including tire.

Use Maya or 3ds Max

Unit setup- Centimetres

No poly limit. Model should be Hi-res and can be as smooth as you deem necessary to create high- quality normal maps. (more…)

Game Design Contest on Mahabharata by GoLive Games

Game Design Contest on Mahabharata by GoLive Games






1. Game cannot be about gods, religion.

2. You can create a fantasy story line around Pandavas, or their ancestors or their future generations.

3. The game has to have a mid-core game play – either as a character collection model or a MMORPG.

Submissions: (Deliverable)

1. Game Design Document (10 Points)

2. Concept Art (10 Points)

3. Game Flowchart (10 Points)

4. Game UI Wireframes (10 Points)

5. Game Balance Wiki or an XL Sheet (10 Points)


Concept art for the 3D Sculpt Challenge by Little Red Zombies

Concept art for the 3D Sculpt Challenge by Little Red Zombies


Concept art for the 3D Sculpt Challenge from Little Red Zombies, you are required to create a highpoly sculpt of the character concept (You can pick any one of the two)

The following aspects will be noted when you submit your finished ZBrush renders :

– Ability to capture the character and essence of the character accurately. Which will involve the following points below :
– Your understanding of proportions, silhouette, forms and Gesture
– Your understanding of anatomy
– Your understanding of clothing

Additional Notes :

– This is a highpoly-only contest, polypaint/textures are not necessary
– We are not expecting you to be detail-oriented with the sculpt, but we expect to see all the accessories that are present in the concept
– The concept has to be reproduced in the same style that was intended by the concept artist, but feel free to collect additional reference to understand it better.
– You can pose the model when doing the test, its recommended to capture the gesture of the character as seen in the concept

***The results are not to be shared anywhere online***

Time –  8 to 10 working days

Best of luck for the challenge!

Photoshoot Contest by Digital Domain

You just have to show our ‘Pearl City – HYDERABAD’ in an elegant look.


  • Must submit 9 images
  • Each image should represent a decent story / message
  • Participants are allowed to use any image editing software for retouching / compositing etc.

Winner and Runner will be awarded with the amazing prizes and mementos through the Telangana Tourism and an eminent industry & subject experts.


Output Specifications:

  • Final copy : jpeg
  • Source File: RAW

Character Design & Modelling by POD8STUDIOS


  • Reinterpret your favorite character from film, games and animation.
  • Write up a small back story for this character
  • This back story should show thru the character design including the props, accessories etc
  • The task should be done with Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter and Mudbox


  • The final file for submission should be a Maya ma file and Zbrush file
  • Stage wise WIP images showcasing the different phases of production
  • The final model should have a clean, animation ready mesh
  • Final images should be 2048 x 2048 with occlusion pass, wireframe on shaded,clay shaded and final rendered output

Judging Criteria
Emphasis will be given to the final piece with equal weightage to modelling/texture and character design.